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*Member Earnings Update 29th September 2010*

Dear Member,

Your account has now been updated and payments will be issued shortly. Thank you for being patient.

Rest assured we prioritise ensuring our members are paid there rewards each month.

All accounts above the $50 threshold will be paid out this week.

Please note adjustments to accounts this month have occurred as a result of the following as per Terms and Conditions:

1) Members may not refer themselves for extra accounts. This results in removal of all member accounts.

2) Dishonest member activity - Advertisers on the website have reported false and misleading information from members resulting in non-payment from advertisers. As a result we have had to adjust all member accounts appropriately.

3) Advertiser in Voluntary Administration - an advertiser responsible for a number of offers we promote has gone into voluntary administration and will not be able to pay any bills. If we receive any compensation as a creditor we will readjust your account to reflect the payment we receive.

4) As a result of the issues above there are a number of other transactions which have not yet been approved. As soon as they are approved and paid by advertisers we will readjust your account.

If you need a specific issue handled please contact our Support team


We will be making adjustments to our system to prevent some of these issues arising again. We appreciate your patience.

Support Team

Common Questions

The Rewards Program enables providers of goods and services ("Participating Retailers") to promote and offer them ("Participating Retailer Goods/Services") online to you in conjunction with certain rewards.

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